Monday, August 09, 2004

Good steam?

Since i have no idea wat to do... like create links and stuff, i'm just gonna write i guess..its a bit hard at first, like i sort of want to let off steam but its got to be good steam...hmm

If anyone bumps here..

FIRST things first.. i have NO idea wat to do seems the only things i'm pretty syre of is that i must keep writing... so that's what i'll be mainly doing, i guess..

Sunday, August 08, 2004


Not thinking, or thinking too much...evaluating everything i say or do, going the extra mile without a word uttered, spending time together without even asking or talking, checking up on one another not every week, but every day, sometimes every few hours.

Having "love bursts" as someone puts it.. As in when thinking of each other, getting that tingly feeling all over, feeling all warm and a sudden burst of love towards each other, mixed with a sense of joy at being able to be part of something so special. When time seems to wait and, staring into space, all we can think about is each other.

Thats the good part..the even better part comes when..

Something happens and suddenly communications are cut off...suddenly a sense of helplessness..who to turn to? The person i share with is the one i'm also at odds with. Until the time comes when there is reconciliation. Such acceptance, such willingness to forget, to move on and move deeper. Pretty good i think, especially since the fault is almost inevitably mine, due to my blurness:-)

The next meeting seems to grow better and better...untapped depths seem to open since coming back to each other...each now knows each other more, knows the deep dark secrets that no one else knows and accepts them regardless.. And it gets even better.

Friday, August 06, 2004

Just starting out

Hmmm.. so this is what happens when a relative newbie to internet starts a blog... And to think i only learned the joys of MSN messenger only a week ago.. and now starting a blog almost by accident.. i wonder what the next week has in store?