Saturday, July 22, 2006


Back at home, life is a blur of eating, reading Tintin which my sister sneaked from the school library, playing Neverwinter Nights, watching movies and catching up with friends, all while attempting to pracpost. tice cooking in the meantime.

One thing i havent been doing, though, is going online, which explains my late post. Its been a month, and am entering the second and final phase before heading back to cold, gloomy and miserable UK. Its the last thing on my mind now. Another first is using my laptop's WIFI for the first time, when the technology is already obsolete (i'm using b instead of g).

Next week will see me going to the Belum Forest area for a medical missions trip to the Jehai community. Before this I had no idea that there existed at least 4 unreached people groups in Malaysia, which have little contact with the main population groups. Nomadic hunter-gatherers since the dawn of time, they have now, thanks to Prof Paul Chen and his ministry, been able to start growing their own food and are no longer so difficult to locate due to their constant mobility. I'm supposed to map out the village for an ongoing research into the infectious diseases endemic in the area. Being the ignoramus that I am, I was given my first lesson in compass-ing just yesterday. The trip should be great, if a bit wet, as we're staying on a houseboat.

Meanwhile I'm bunking at Sarah's and Zhao's place in Vista, where people come and go during breaks. Here's to the next month!