Thursday, February 04, 2010

So I've been offered a job

As a Core medical trainee for 2 years in Liverpool, essentially. That which seemed far off and distant has quite suddenly appeared at my doorstep and somehow, like I was saying to a friend, it seems as though I'm committing the next two years of my life away. This is probably the longest I've stayed in an area away from home. I mean, IMU was 3 years-ish, and Liverpool has been nearly 5 years now. And its somewhere which I still don't see myself settling down longterm in, quirky and familiar though it is. The question therefore being: where then? And the slightly unspoken question's semi-identical twin hangs in the air.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I really do not like

Electricians (however well-meaning) trampling in my room with bulky coats that look like they havent been washed in years, leaving clipboards and workboxes around which have been goodness knows where, then unscrewing sockets off the wall leaving dust everywhere sniffling rubbing their noses and then hands hands hands forgetting to take their shoes off after being told then stomping all over the house all after a A+E night when I just want to go to bed.

The price of living in the living room of the house-converted into a bedroom I guess. Man I'm whiny.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

How some things never change.

It can mean a couple of things:

a comfort post about how some things are stable and unchanging, veritable rocks to cling on to while the sands of life continue shifting.

Or a whine post where unshakeable (as far as we can see) circumstances remain firmly in place, bad habits continue to grate, and the past looms out of the shadows at every turn.

Or maybe, its neither of the above.

Maybe some things don't change because thats the way they are meant to be. Forever.
And maybe that's alright.

Sorry just thinking aloud and decided to articulate.

So how's everyone doing?

Hi blog, long time no see!

Dinner last night - a nice change from venison sausages with pasta.

It's been a while.

Fresh out of a week of nights. Mass Effect 2. Book to review. Bliss.

Woken up at 0938 by A+E Consultant. Can I do a locum shift tonight as colleague is sick. To sleepy to come up with a good excuse, and too me to say No.

Have loads to do but for some reason feel like trying a new eatery during the next couple of days off. Anyone reading this blog, and in Liverpool, let me know if you want to come with!