Sunday, January 28, 2007

If I've not been regular

Its been because there's not much to talk about. Days meld into cycles of hospital, free lunches, back home, a quick TV serial/sleep, work, cook, wash, movie on weekends, wash rinse repeat. On one hand, its what I'm supposed to be doing; this is the one year where no one wants to fail. On the other hand, its getting pretty monotonous.

A few posts back I mentioned how it'd be nice to get back in touch with ppl I've lost contact with. Over the last weeks, I've emailed a few friends who are now working back home in KL, found out how they're doing etc etc. Its sadly true, though, that once distance and time gets in the way, stuff like common interests, rapport and easy chats get left by the wayside. Friendship is indeed something to be treasured. Mushy, but true.

Am recovering from a virus that decided to take up residence in my throat and nose. It's probably gotten tired and moved on to fresh pastures, so I'm left with a mouth ulcer that, to me, is even more debilitating. To enable me to enjoy my food as much as I usually do, I've taken up soup cookery. Still in its infant stages, I'm still experimenting with how much soup is one soup cube good for.

On a side note, anyone interested to keep me company in an overnight queue early July for Wimbledon 2007?

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Random stuff

Over the last few days:

My GP caught me reading gossip magazines. "I bet he gets Cosmopolitan at home" he told my partner.

My consultant broke off teaching me about the radiological features of osteoarthritis to pick up a lingerie magazine and say "Do you think those are real?"

I fell sick again. Second time since Christmas.

Muffed up my mock OSCE by mixing up left and right. In 4th year!

Felt what a real head of femur felt like. Not much to shout about.

Watched The Island and thought it was a pretty good copy of The Matrix.

Downloaded The Transformers wallpaper for my desktop.

So there.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Surgical Upper GI

Two weeks of a rotation about the digestive system only served to show me how much hasn't changed since I failed my GI assessment in IMU. Its coming along though. And I've discovered what will probably be my routine for the rest of the year.

I've come to the conclusion that the best way to get stuff out of a rotation is to go around and see all the patients that my consultant takes care of, and follow them throughout the weeks that I'm with him. That way, I learn more when I go around with him, cos I've seen the patients before, and know whats wrong with them. If any new patients come in, I'll know as well. Sounds pretty obvious, but we don't get told to do these things in Liverpool, its our own learning routine that we have to come up with.

And, in the meantime, I've pretty much resolved to try to take more interest in what goes on outside the confines of Barrow as well. So much so that its going to be a weekly reminder sort of basis. A New Year's resolution, if you must. Though I generally don't go in much for that sort of thing.

See, up to now I've basically not been privy to whats been happening elsewhere in the UK, or the world. Most news I get from my housemates during dinner, but at other times, I would either be on the laptop, gaming, or getting work done. In fact, I guess I've become pretty reclusive (!) and up to the point where I just can't be bothered with chatting, or whats going on elsewhere.

When I was back in Msia for the holidays, a friend from school was updating me about how all our yearmates were doing, when she commented on how I rarely kept in touch with ppl. How true.

Don't sweat it; doesn't mean i'll start spamming mailboxes or dveloping a burning desire to see whats on BBC Online or the Star Online every single day. Just that if you've received an email from a sitiawan boy whom you haven't met in ages, try to be kind.