Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's Been Ages

and I've not got much to say:-)

Suffice to say I've been on a busy set of nights, am girding up my loins (still no idea why and how that phrase came into use) for MRCP Part 1 (wish me luck, and more importantly , keep me in prayer!), planning for my trip back home and Down South, all the while wondering what God's plans are for the next few months, especially after June next year.

I suppose the only other thing is that XBox with Jack and Woei Lin has brought back fond memories of playing on the Amiga when I was in primary school. Back then my cousin would come over every so often on a weekend (he's a medic now as well...whats the world coming to) and we'd take turns playing the games my far-sighted dad bought (presumably for our entertainment since he never played himself) - Double Dragon was one game I remember playing together with him.

Not much has changed, except the graphics haha! Gears of War 2 looks brilliant on our new 32 inch TV, another perk we allowed ourselves this year as 2nd year doctors:-)

Am loving most of the songs on Imogen Heap's new album!

Up is definitely the BEST Pixar film ever to date, eclipsing Wall-E any day.

Better pop to bed, music practice tmrw morning for Sunday. And then a baby dedication after that. Everyone seems to either be getting married or having baies nowadays:-)

Monday, October 12, 2009