Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Not much

Not a day goes by without some bus accident on the roads of Malaysia now. Pretty strange really. Ever since the bus flipover by a Super Express bus, every other day seems to carry the headlines of yet another bus accident involving a blacklisted bus driver.

Having travelled on buses from Sitiawan to KL for nearly 2 years on a regular basis, it feels weird to be doubting the service now. But conversely, having a friend die due to a bus accident a few years ago, doubting bus services seems only natural, especially given the unusually large number of mishaps, like this, and this.

I remember when I used to take the bus from Pudu station in KL. Often driving at night, it was a nice to feel the driver was doing everything he could to reach his destination on time. I also recall countless occasions while driving along the North-South highway and having been overtaken by express buses going in the excess of 120km per hour. To be fair, this is not only confined to buses but also long trailers and lorries.

Arguments, no doubt, about bus drivers having to earn their keep, that they know their stuff and that we should trust them where driving vehicles is concerned. And this is probably true for some of the drivers, but how many aging nuts with probable aspirations of racing remain plying the roads; now that is the question.

The other day, a column in the Star spoke of how reluctant a mother was to let her daughter board a bus in light of the past weeks. Before long, and if the rot is not contained, i fear that buses will soon be running with half loads or none at all.

Monday, August 06, 2007


From 4 days in KL and Seremban, I'm feeling tired but content.

Seemed to be 4 days of non-stop meeting people. From chatting in malls to catching up after church services, to surprise birthdays and Starbucks till closing-time, it seemed to be one whole big eat-chat session.

Caught up with the IMU Seremban people with Jack and HP. Gracious enough to house us though major exams were looming up this week, and caring enough to help us look for our stolen bags in Jusco carpark. Met up with Sieh Jin and the WIFE as he calls her. In fact, marriage seemed to be the in-thing as I met up friends who are now happily married...there must have been at least 3 couples and one soon-to-be couple I met this last 4 days!

ECF was filled with more foreign people than I'd previously remembered, and best of all, more IMU students. Watching Ian trying to get the IMU-ers going after the service, I was reminded of Shawn (now Pastor Shawn) and Kevin trying their level best to rally us when we were in IMU. Everyday, the food court in Puchong still had their beef noodles but the fried chicken stall was nowhere to be found.

Too many people to meet, in way too little time. Talking with Ian the night before coming back, I was trying to process why is it I like coming back to Malaysia so much. Why do I feel so much more at home here despite being away for 2 years and counting? And somewhat sadly, I think its because of the memories I've left behind here. UK just doesn't seem to, I dont that memorable yet?

In the meantime, I need to work through when I'm planning to fly back (if ever) to Malaysia and find out about visa details for work after 5th year. This weeks one-hour episode of Naruto takes first priority though.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

What fun

After a year way, it was with some shock to come home to find that not only does Sitiawan have a McDonalds, but also a Secret Recipe and 2 overhead bridges. Double lane highways going through town. David and Joy, the Sitiawan you saw is no more.

The next shock almost floored me. A year after I'd left, my family saw it fit to finally get broadband and Astro fitted. They must have been waiting to get me out of the way. L

Nice to see some things never change though.
The top level of books remains as inaccessible to me as ever.