Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Because I rarely transfer photos,

After packing Christmas shoeboxes

Guitar Hero @ 18 Guelph St.

Matthew St. Music Festival 08

Steamboat dinner

Foundation Year 1 karaoke night

Our church hosting a praise and worship evening

The latest additions to my desktop

One of the last dinners before people started leaving - wonder how Tai Bo's doing now...

Monday, November 17, 2008

daily l IFe

Saw a kid while at the checkout counter at Tescos a couple of days ago - he was no older than 4/5 I think, and he was holding an imaginary mobile phone to his ear.

What interested me was that he was yelling someone's name very loudly into his 'phone', then proceeded to spout obscenities all the while yelling into his hands. His mum stood beside him just waiting for her turn to be served.


Have had an unexpected couple of days off this week, which is good. Funnily enough I don't seem to be doing things that I'd like to be doing (spending more time wandering the wastes of Fallout 3 or overseeing naval battles in Red Alert 3 or catching up on my reading), but am caught up with other stuff, sleep being a major part.


Did shoeboxes for the Christmas Child thingy again this year. Was fun intro-ing the project to the students and seeing ppl get excited packing boxes for kids. Discussing this with another yearmate of mine over Mexican Sunday lunch, it seems we sorely lack awareness of what's going on around the world, and as long as everything's peachy in our little corner of the world, we're content.

On that note, if anyone wants to contribute to our Water Buffalo Fund, let me know:-)


Christmas IS fast approaching...this year being my first one working through it, didn't really strike me until after going through the streets on Sat, and on planning for Christmas over dinner last night. Was talking with pastor about how Christmas was like back home, prepping for carolling 23/24Dec till all hours of the morning, with hot porridge to follow, and a early 25th morning wake-up call for the Christmas service in church..

This year, it'll be at a friend's house, a barn dance from which I need to go home early cos am in to work the next day, and work during New Year's too. Oh well, looking forward to coming home in Feb if all goes according to plan.


'Worship is the preoccupation of the heart, not of its needs or blessings, but of God himself.'

Obviously in a Christian context:-) still I thought it was so apt as I tend to consider the first two parts a lot more nowadays.


Planning a night out for the doctors I've worked with is harder than I thought it would be. I need to set a date, then let everyone know, then pull it off.