Wednesday, September 26, 2007


A couple of plugs for anyone who pops by:

I-Bridge Camp 2007

Have you just graduated and are looking for some directions? Or perhaps you've worked for a number of years, but yet find the transition from studying life to the working life still a challenge, a gap that leaves many things to be desired. Or maybe you've lost the luster that once was in your Christian walk, whereby the once close fellowship and passion for Christ has been replaced by an emptiness and meaningless pursuit of career.

If so, consider joining us at I-Bridge Camp 2007 this year, from October 13th to 16th, Located in the scenic Cameron Highlands, the refreshing, fun and invigorating camp will definitely make an impact on your life. 4 days 3 nights or 3 days 2 nights (depending on your leave), we're all young, working graduates, just like you. Do hurry and sign up fast as the limited places are going fast!

I-bridge Camp is organised by I-bridge, a part of Graduates Christian Fellowship, an interdenominational Christian Organisation, part of NECF.

Thank you!

p/s: please help us post/forward this to your friends.

Beautiful Lunar Landscape's music video preview

They play what I can only describe as dark, mysterious music.

Not for smooth pop/rock lovers, but worth a recommend as they are different from what normally floods the scene these days. Plus, Ben is a nice guy who kept his promise to send me an EP, so I feel obliged to promote his music:-)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The middle of the week

A good post on sex. What say you?

Am praying for a group of people who are willing to share a dream and lives towards building a community of God-fearing uni students in Liverpool.

Meeting Barrow people at a house party Thurs. Should be fun catching up.

Met quite a number of fresher's at the fair yday. Talked to Bruneians, Indons, MsianS, Singaporeans. Made contact with people from Christian Union hall groups whom I haven't seen for a year. A brief moment of 'hey you look familiar' before launching into catch-up speak.

Hoping to start frisbee again on Sat mornings...this week if the weather holds up.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Tried a new restaurant with Jack and HP. With a neutral name 'The Quarter', it seems to serve mainly pastas and pizzas. The Greek bread and dressing is an anomaly we think. Nice place, however.

Saw this in a shop on Bold Street. Thought it was mildly amusing.

Said goodbye to a couple of Malaysians from JMU (John Moores University) who are flying back to Malaysia today. Welcomed new faces too...student transition happening all over again.

An answer to a prayer breathed in between gasps of breath. I was lost coming back from seeing a friend in halls, and the sky was cloudy. An hour later, it rained. And I took the photo from the comfort of my room. Nice.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


It's been a while since I've taken a step of faith.

A baby step, but one nevertheless.

While it's refreshingly different now, I anticipate an overwhelming impulse to panic and rely on my abilities, others, anything but God.

Maybe, maybe.

But for now, I'm enjoying the ride.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Thought this was funny.
How do polar bears disguise themselves?

They cover their noses!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


A guy in a black shirt and carrying a backpack walking along, evidently in a hurry. A lady walking slowly, tall and regal. Both coming around a corner at opposite sides. You just know there's going to be that awkward moment when both stop short of actually bumping into each other.

A sign flashes past. 'Hair by Jonathan' 'Barbers and hairdressers'. I try to whip my phone out to take a picture but the sign passes by too fast.

A BSM car drives past. That might be me in a few weeks. Learning driving all over again sounds intimidating, considering I still have memories of failing my parking back in Malaysia. How many bad habits have I picked up since?

Aldi. I feel for the owners. Tesco, where I just shopped a few minutes ago, had a much fuller carpark and floor space. Here, the 6 or so cars dotted around the area are a testament to the slowly dwindling population loyal to supermarkets other than Tescos.

'Living in Expectation'. A tattered sign half a floor big catches my eye. Probably a Christian affair..judging by the well-combed man flourishing a microphone on the poster.

'Kebabish'. What shall I have for dinner? Maybe I'll break into the Indo Mee I brought home. Omelette with the roast chicken leftovers, peppers and onions. Sounds nice.

Hey there's another Chinese dude. Wonder what his life story is. How did he end up in Liverpool?

Nodding off, I catch myself just in time. Don't want to miss my stop. Yet its so hard to stay awake in the bus, the rhythm gets pretty monotonous after 15 minutes of sitting and staring at-

Oh, here's my stop.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

There and back

Had a great summer month at home, now back in cloud-cast Liverpool and found out:

That I could have had a free lunch during my stopover in Dubai

That I've gained 6kg over 4 weeks

That I've far too many books that I'm loathe to throw or give away

That I'm not comfortable sleeping with just one pillow under my head

How hard cleaning a carpet actually is

How much my medical brain has slipped since finals

How much work 5th year actually entails

Baptism Sunday in church today. Packed to the brim like sardines, we watched as youth and adults alike were dunked into the heated pool, symbolizing death to sin, washed and made clean, rising up and out of the pool like Jesus - defeating death forever. Mandarin, Cantonese and English alike rejoiced at the sight.
More or less got my room in the shape its going to be for the coming year. The rest of the house is coming together as well. With any luck, we'll be able to have the juniors over soon for a meal.
Am thinking of getting more board games. Stack 'Em has been popular on 2 occasions when people have been over so far.
Am glad some of us met up to talk about where we see the student fellowship driving towards this year. With the student welcome coming up soon, we'll be well and truly started on the journey!

Thinking back on my summer, I'm happy that I managed to meet so many ppl, many of whom I didn't expect to see for some time. From secondary school friends to former pastors and mentors to IMU people, its been worthwhile seeing a brief glimpse of how everyone's been living. Although there was the odd moment when that weird feeling of not knowing what to talk about, not having seen one another for so long, at least i didnt forget anyones name this time around.

Snapshots of home