Sunday, November 06, 2005

one year later...

How long does it take to know someone? Especially someone from the opposite sex?
Weeks? Months?

How would I know anyway? It's not as if I know it all anyway, right shubs? haha.

Actually don't really recall what bump on the head caused me to engage this indian female in conversation...Actually to call shubs indian..hmm..requires a slight stretch of credibility...firstly, her Indian-speak is less than all there...meaning its close to non-existent! Secondly...she prefers chinese and malay food to indian's wierd when we go out and half of the group wants to go banana leaf rice but she, wanting to stand out, opts for boring old chinese instead.

Still remember her birthday last year...which I was the only person NOT TO ATTEND! haha.. But just as well...some fiasco with a chocolate cake which no one had the decency to finish and i actually managed to taste it the very next day...when shubs, being as polite and as no-wanting-to-offend-others as usual, bought it to uni to be shared around..actually, it's amazing the whole thing went off as well as it did...

Her faults? Well, wanting to go waffling doesn't really count in all honesty i guess, since I don't really mind waffles myself.. more of an obsession i think. Teasing the kampung boy is, however, tantamount to poking a one-eyed elephant in the eye! Then again, she's not alone in this one, cos its more or less unfortunate that almost everyone thinks Sitiawan is a one road affair.. Her constant posingphilia (you may notice the first and last photos smilarities in terms of the main character) is, however something she's trying to rectify at the moment...


Seems she is also a pretty good tennis player..though at the rate things are going, I'll only probably get to play tennis with her after we graduate. Also, since she's picking up cooking, it's also conceivable that somewhere in the near future, I'll be able to eat a shubs-cooked-meal and go "ahhhh".

Come to think of it, shubs is quite good at keeping herself to herself. Talks with shubs don't really come i'm sure others can testify.

Come to think of it, think its been one year isnt it shubs?

Thanks for allowing me to drive around in your proton, for ball and the stress which went along with it( david and bern will particularly recall this haha!), for the waffles and movies with the gang and calls and talks that always seemed to end with me not knowing what to say..

Sorry for all the unintended jabs and the 'away' on msn times.

Here's to a good 2006.

Keep searching shubs. He'll meet you before you've finished looking for Him.

The IMU representatives to the YuLympics.

Happy birthday shubs.

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