Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sigh of relief

Am adjusting my body clock to allow sleep at nights again. Even though its only been 4 days of 10pm to 6am, I'm more awake at midnight than I have ever been.

Have just realised that Dec 13 is fast approaching....leaving from Manchester at 1330, arriving Dubai 0025 on the 14th, leaving Dubai 0955 and arriving at KLIA at 2100 on the 14th.

Can't wait. Well, actually I can. It does feel weird, coming back so soon after leaving in the summer. Feels wrong somehow:-) However, this does mean I'll get to spend a summer in the UK for a change.

Application forms for Foundation Year 1 jobs have been sent off. First part's over for now, so just waiting to hear whether my first choice will accept me or not. While I was completing the form, the thought did cross my mind: wouldn't it be fun to try a year out in a different part of the UK and escape the dreariness and Scousi-ness of Liverpool (!) ?

Couldn't really justify doing that just for a change of scene however, so my first choice was Merseyside. Though revisiting Plymouth, or even Cambridge did sound tempting.

My laptop is slowing down, but did manage to create a farewell video/slideshow for Mathew and Sharon Tan recently. They said goodbye to those of us left behind, and departed for the green pastures, the land of opportunity to us Malaysians that is Singapore.

Though I'm not big on news back home, the recent BERSIH rally managed to reach even my out-of-tune-to-anything-political ears. While I'm not sure of the ins and outs of the matter, I feel the response to the rally was undeservedly overboard. Fears probably ran high on seeing the size of the response, hence the knee-jerk reactions. What I found amusing, like a number of other bloggers, was the Information Minister's blanket comment on all bloggers. Basically, he lumped all blogs together as rubbish. I suppose it is human nature to denounce anything beyond our control. Having said that, my knee-jerk reaction would've probably been to pin the blame on someone else too :-)

Waking up early on Sundays recently....the North England Easter Conference 2008 planning meetings take place then. The theme being 'Cracking Concrete', a suitable poster and various design logos need designing, involving the student fellowship. Unfortunately (!) Ed seems to get most of the designing work as he's the only one volunteering with photoshop experience. Maybe we should start doing photoshop basics for the students...

Colossians and 1 Tim recently. Finished 1,2 Samuel, bits of which I might share tmrw at the core group meet. We need direction, otherwise, as Jin says (okla, the Bible too), the battle is lost. (ok he didn't put it in such grandiose terms).

"Do all that you have in mind. Go ahead; I am with you heart and soul."
- King David's armor-bearer,
minutes before a crazy assault on a fortified position by 2 men, and 1 sword between them.

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