Saturday, December 13, 2008

So, yesterday...

IN hospital every Friday, there's this massive meeting which EVERYONE in hospital gets tom come to, usually for the hot coffee/croissants to start with, then later adjourning to the lecture hall for a presentation on a research topic.

This Friday just gone however, the hall was packed. Standing room only. What groundbreaking medical event, what life-changing, revolutionary drug/treatment/procedure, indeed what mind-blowing gloopy wonder was being presented? You'd have thought the cure for AIDS, or the common cold was being revealed on stage.

In fact, the hall was super crowded because a doctor apparently was amusing himself watching Youtube, and thought it would be a good idea to show some nurses what he was watching. And as a result, the Royal Liverpool University Hospital invites:

Amateur Transplants

to perform an hour of Christmas comedy, right before the hospital descends into its usual Friday chaos.

I got there late, somehow forgetting this was happening, as as such had to squeeze myself into the 'standing room only' spot right at the back of the hall, from which I couldnt even see the stage, much less the performing duo.

For the uninitiated, Amateur Transplants are a couple of practising doctors (at least, i think they are practising!) Dr Adam Kay, and Dr Suman Biswas who do comedy routines, incorporating a lot of music via keyboards, which makes them rather special, if not entirely unique counting their profession.

They have plenty of Youtube videos, so feel free to check them out! Having heard some of them online before, i was still in laughing along with the rest at the Anaesthetist's Hymn, Finals Fantasy, Take A Look At Me Nan and tons of short bits marrying pop song parodies and medical tidbits that medics (and some non-medics!) would identify with!

At the end (by which time I'd gotten barely a 5 second peep at the stage), the crowd got up to disperse, and being right at the back, I was one of the first out. While looking around for a friend whom I was standing beside earlier, I realised that Adam and Suman had actually sneaked out ahead of everyone to cool off..Feeling suddenly tongue tied, all I could manage was a 'wow, well done!' to which they replied 'yup, that wasn't too bad was it?' before remembering I had a ward round to catch up with and rushing off.

It was only later I'd realised....

I should have grabbed a photo while I had the chance!

Still all in all, a good start to a Friday!

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jane said...

fantastic!! =)
i went to watch amateur transplants' gig in balham, near tooting just last month! they're brilliant aren't they?
ur right abt them still practicing, i think one's a specialising to become a surg, but not sure abt the other one.. perhaps a physician?