Thursday, September 15, 2005

what i look forward to...

A nice peaceful read in bed, curled up under the covers with the heater on during a windy, rainy night.

Watching the next episode of Naruto or Battlestar Galactica with the lights turned off and only my study lamp cum uplight on.

Coming back from hospital hungry, and making corned beef sandwiches with garlic cheese and herbs or pasta with sausage and cheese.

Going out with friends for a night out...dinner, movie and chill out someplace where we can catch up on each other's lives.

Going to church, expecting a time of meeting Him and pouring out my heart to Him without reservations, whether its by recommitment or asking Him for more territory.

Christmas in Sitiawan, carolling from house to house with the MYF, going to a church packed on Christmas morning, and dinner at grandparents' house.

Stepping up to an empty keyboard, or even better, a piano and just playing chords till I'm led to worship Him..then going on from song to song in worship, or making up something totally new.

Buying a new computer game that I've been waiting for some time(Fallout 3!), installing it and seeing the title page; then creating a new character and playing the first few easy levels.

Getting into a chat with ppl i know which goes beyond run-of-the-mill chit chat and touches on deeper stuff, knowing that this is DEFINITELY NOT the time to break out a lame joke, and sharing my heart with him/her as well.

Sharing a lame joke with friends whom I know will respond in exactly the way I expect.

Receiving packages from home and opening them to find Malaysian delicacies and useful stuff I didn't know I'd forgotten to bring.

Going to SNL at far, there's nothing like that here yet, though I hope that's about to change!

Going out with ppl I know for games I like - Jimmy and David for ping pong, Ed for badminton, Jane and the gang for tennis, Ken, Jim, Dav, Jul, Bern and Sarah for Dota!

Having a drink with Pa late at nite; him with his glass of beer, me with a glass of beer mixed with Sprite cos I can't stand the taste..and just chatting.

Playing Scrabble, flying kites, playing tennis or Uno with Ray/Caroline...right before one of us spoils the mood of the game:-)

Going for a movie that I REALLY want to watch, the anticipation as we queue up for the tickets of LOTR, Matrix and Star Wars.. and discussing the movie over dinner/supper later.

Embarking on a project with a group of like-minded friends; whether it's playing in a youth band, or organizing a tennis practice to train for a competition, or discussion for Christmas with Christian Fellowship.

Leaving for a holiday with friends, just when everyone's in a good mood and enjoying themselves, till late at night when everyone's in the same room and the excited talk turns into sober sharing, and you see a side of ppl that you never knew before.

Waiting to get home and pop the latest Hillsongs/Planetshakers/United LIVE cd into the laptop..sadly, nowadays the wait is better than what happens after...

Coming up with a good idea for a video, having all the photos and clips I need, and a whole day free to tweak and edit, and finally, showing it to the ppl I meant it for.

Waiting to go for a really, really BIG dinner, a buffet at the resort in Cyberjaya being the one that stand out in my mind, on a really, really empty stomach.

Watching movie spoofs, and reading parodies of famous books, the good ones at least, are really good.

Getting to know someone and sharing time with him/her and finding out she's growing closer to God as a result.

Having a friend I can rely on to chat about anything, at all times, and punch when I'm frustrated, and whom I can rely on to build me up though it involves squeezing me down to size.

Coming up with something to blog about after thinking and thinking and thinking...



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