Sunday, September 02, 2007

There and back

Had a great summer month at home, now back in cloud-cast Liverpool and found out:

That I could have had a free lunch during my stopover in Dubai

That I've gained 6kg over 4 weeks

That I've far too many books that I'm loathe to throw or give away

That I'm not comfortable sleeping with just one pillow under my head

How hard cleaning a carpet actually is

How much my medical brain has slipped since finals

How much work 5th year actually entails

Baptism Sunday in church today. Packed to the brim like sardines, we watched as youth and adults alike were dunked into the heated pool, symbolizing death to sin, washed and made clean, rising up and out of the pool like Jesus - defeating death forever. Mandarin, Cantonese and English alike rejoiced at the sight.
More or less got my room in the shape its going to be for the coming year. The rest of the house is coming together as well. With any luck, we'll be able to have the juniors over soon for a meal.
Am thinking of getting more board games. Stack 'Em has been popular on 2 occasions when people have been over so far.
Am glad some of us met up to talk about where we see the student fellowship driving towards this year. With the student welcome coming up soon, we'll be well and truly started on the journey!

Thinking back on my summer, I'm happy that I managed to meet so many ppl, many of whom I didn't expect to see for some time. From secondary school friends to former pastors and mentors to IMU people, its been worthwhile seeing a brief glimpse of how everyone's been living. Although there was the odd moment when that weird feeling of not knowing what to talk about, not having seen one another for so long, at least i didnt forget anyones name this time around.

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