Wednesday, September 26, 2007


A couple of plugs for anyone who pops by:

I-Bridge Camp 2007

Have you just graduated and are looking for some directions? Or perhaps you've worked for a number of years, but yet find the transition from studying life to the working life still a challenge, a gap that leaves many things to be desired. Or maybe you've lost the luster that once was in your Christian walk, whereby the once close fellowship and passion for Christ has been replaced by an emptiness and meaningless pursuit of career.

If so, consider joining us at I-Bridge Camp 2007 this year, from October 13th to 16th, Located in the scenic Cameron Highlands, the refreshing, fun and invigorating camp will definitely make an impact on your life. 4 days 3 nights or 3 days 2 nights (depending on your leave), we're all young, working graduates, just like you. Do hurry and sign up fast as the limited places are going fast!

I-bridge Camp is organised by I-bridge, a part of Graduates Christian Fellowship, an interdenominational Christian Organisation, part of NECF.

Thank you!

p/s: please help us post/forward this to your friends.

Beautiful Lunar Landscape's music video preview

They play what I can only describe as dark, mysterious music.

Not for smooth pop/rock lovers, but worth a recommend as they are different from what normally floods the scene these days. Plus, Ben is a nice guy who kept his promise to send me an EP, so I feel obliged to promote his music:-)

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mizying said...

for one sad happy moment i thought we actually hav an ibridge camp here...until i saw "cameron highlands" sigh