Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The bulb has burst

I'm sure there's a more technical term to it, but then I'm only a medical student.

Someone asked me some good questions today. Among them was 'I am unsure about your intentions.' Which in itself isn't a question, as the more astute among you would have noticed. Nevertheless it gave me an opportunity to sit back and take stock. For all of half a minute, as she was still waiting for an answer.

I'd better explain.

Somewhere along the way, I managed to get coerced into leading in some capacity, the university students who come to Liverpool Chinese Gospel Church every Friday. A student leader, if you will. And the hows and whys have yet to be fully understood, never mind revealed. Actually to be fair, it wasn't a coercion, more of a quick decision, something I'll probably live to regret.

Hence the question. By one of the former leaders no less. Which sort of put me on the spot. And as all clinical examiners/consultants in Liverpool who've ever examined me before know, JLEH is not at his best when being put on the spot.

I'll save my answer for another post, my mind being bothered at the moment by the intermittent collapse of my corkboard. Apparently 9 slabs of blu-tack is not sufficient to hold a corkboard slightly over twice the width of my laptop on my wall without falling at least once a fortnight.

Had the manchester people over for the weekend. House cleaning was therefore postponed to monday and late sunday night. A slow start to the week.

I'm really going to have to start thinking seriously about where I'll be applying for house jobs next year. An open day in hospital tmrw, and a lecture on CV-writing in the afternoon...My CV is as yet, non-existent. Which just goes to show how unprepared I am for anything.

How in the wide world are 6 people going to go for a road trip in Wales exactly 1 week from now without having prepared in the slightest will be probably the subject of a couple of posts from this. When you look at the photos, in fact, all the photos from now on, will be taken by a Samsung E900 2MP mobile phone. Any complaints about how pixelated/grainy/underexposed/shaky the photos look, will hopefully reach the ears of the person(s) in possession of a stolen Pentax Optio somewhere in Msia (or maybe even abroad, with the wonder that is eBay).

Would upload photos of the past few days, but its a late night as it is.

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