Thursday, February 28, 2008


We had an earthquake recently, which received minimum coverage.

Was listening to music when I felt the house shake. Not too much, but the fluid level in my alarm clock was moving, so it wasn't me suddenly developing resting tremors. Brought me back to the time I thought I was shaking my legs a little too violently, back in Vista Komanwel. This time around, I thought it was a lorry passing by our house, which is by the main road. Maybe I just like normalizing events.

Have just started a gastroenterology rotation at the Royal Liverpool Hospital, where I'll be working come August.

Proof that patients say all sorts while you do stuff to them:
- Had a conversation about ferrets today, discussing the relative merits of having one as a pet.
- Discussed my career path options, and why I chose medicine in the first place.
- Had people compliment me on my Liverpool accent.
- Another discussion on my views of marriage.

Other thoughts taking up brain space include:

NEEC '08, which I should really have paid more attention to before this. Ernest from church is doing his level best to organize things and I've finally decided to get on board. Trying to contact fellowship leaders from different churches, though a tad late, but hopefully things will get moving soon.

Easter outreach, in which I've had tons of time to think, but am afraid to act on my thoughts. Every single thing I thought of, I'm afraid to do, as it seems so ambitious. We're set on doing a short skit and a song so far, though.

I find myself questioning why I do things now. Something I should have started doing a lot earlier in life.

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lingZZ' said...

well, it's normal for humans to rationalize things. makes life less scary. well, resting tremor is better than the world is coming to an end soon reaction. on the lighter side, i found a really big blop of cicak pooh on the toilet floor and well, i m speculating whether it could be a "biawak" and thus the fear of going to the toilet at night in case the biawak suddenly decides to rock up. not good.