Saturday, March 01, 2008

Ate a large pizza for lunch and I'm still full.

My room is feeling cold, but i'm sure its not just me.


I have a list of things to buy once i start working, not sure how much thought was put into it:
- food processor
- desktop computer
- keyboard (not the computer kind)

I'm sure there was more, but these are all i can think of for now.

Alternatively, I could spend my money on:
- paying council taxes, bills
- getting insane amounts of insurance
- registering with every other medical organization
- setting aside for exams/courses

What I really should be spending money on, in light of the future:
- Stocks and bonds
- Swiss bank account
- anywhere that'll beat the current inflation rate should i leave the country in future as i probably will have to do in light of the crazy regulations they keep putting up every now and again.

I really do need some form of economic accountability - that definitely needs sorting out.


Programme choices are here at last, along with a note for accomodation as a foundation year 1 doctor. GBP 352 a month....wonder what that includes. works out to about GBP 90 a week....sigh. Still, I'd be near the hospital.


Want to go watch the All-England Badminton Championships but cash flow dictates I should focus on things nearer my heart.


I was at a friend of a friend's memorial service yesterday. Held in a Catholic church, close to a 100 medical students of all years attended. It was a first for me: seeing yearmates in a church setting, and seeing how death and remembering those that had passed on brought people together albeit briefly.

A quartet sang 'Run' by Snowpatrol. Slideshows of his time spent in the hockey team, on stage and as a hospital partner were shown. I wonder if anyone else was struck by a sense of their own mortality that night.


No disclaimer needed I trust.

Opportunities abound, they just need grabbing.

"For a self-proclaimed dreamer, you are incredibly inward-looking and hard to wake."

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