Monday, October 10, 2005

IT's always hard to say goodbye...

This post is dedicated to an old friend. We've known each other for 2 and a half years, almost 3 years now. Come to think about it, since I've been in IMU. Through that time, we've gotten to know one another really well. We'd meet every morning, and even when I have PBL and need to rush, somehow we always find time to meet. Whenever I'd plan to have an extended studying session, we'd meet up again...sometimes staying together till 3 in the morning(though those were fairly rare occasions). We'd not stop meeting together when exams drew nearer, on the contrary, we'd meet even more. And when I went to the UK, what was more natural that I thought we should continue on as friends.

Alas,we did not last long in the UK. I woke up one fine morning and decided to have a glass of milk. Since it was a cold morning, I decided to warm up my millk in the microwave. One moment of carelessness ruined everything.

And so it was, being made of plastic, rubber and steel, my friend perished in flames which took alex some time to put out. And the microwave took some time to be cleaned out as the smell was terrible.

Leaving me to search around for another mug, a wiser and more careful guy.

Losing friends is never easy, especially when you''ve spent so much time together you practically and literally know one another inside out.

In happier blue friend in the foreground next to the cheap plastic water bottle..

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