Sunday, October 30, 2005


what i've been up to these past few days? Well, lets see...clerking patients, sleeping in lectures, cooking super chun dishes, meeting new ppl in CU and bouncing off ideas in student fellowship on how to best present the idea of "new birth" to a group of people who are half jaded and half new believers...

In between watching others nod off in lectures and playing the odd game of dota(owned with lion last thurs in 3v2 insane!!) have been occupied one hour a day playing this game called notpron..

Tagline : "The hardest riddle on the internet"

premise : 138 levels to far can you go without resorting to spoilers from forums/friends? over 5 million ppl have started playing , with only 70 ppl completing it without spoiling the experience by CHEATING!

Position : am currently at level 8! Am either really blur, or just too fanatical about finishing the game BY MY OWN!!!

Weird huh? normally I wouldnt blog about my gaming experiences...(as dota crazy as i've been, i've never considered it worth my while to put it down on electronic paper..) BUT in this case, I think, I must make an exception...As the name states...this is notpron (a healthy alternative to some of the more salubrious sites available) Plus, while solving the puzzles, you'll (among other things) gain knowledge of such obscure but interesting topics like different types of candy bars available in the uk, what is ASCII all about, how to use adobe photoshop, the meaning of anagrams and many many more.... (images below taken from google earth - another program needed in notpron..)

Photo courtesy of benny liew...Sitiawan by satellite vision!

And, I know this will prob be on M103's blog..seeing as how jack, hsu pheen and I searched like crazy to find it, but its going up here, cos we wouldnt have been able to do it without my laptop!

IMU Bukit Jalil with vista ABC !

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