Friday, February 10, 2006

Can't Hear You!

What others have realised in a matter of weeks, I have only come to realise now. I need to speak up. I need to take the initiative. I need to make my views heard. No matter if they're wrong or right(but preferably not too idiotic), cos both ways, I'll remember my mistakes and/or feel good about myself.

Cos if I don't ,I'll lose out on experience, on practicing opportunities, on applying what I've studied, and risk everyone thinking I'm some kind of dummy who only speaks when spoken to. Like yesterday, where I spent the whole day not actually doing ONE single clinical exam, even though I've done it so many times back home!

It's hard when I have this mentality that says I don't know enough to be able to give an answer, that I don't know all the details and therefore am not qualified to answer. That I don't feel confident enough to do the exam and therefore not step up to the plate(or the patient). Which in theory, sounds correct; I mean, who wants to make a fool of themselves?

Right up till I realise that in the UK, even if you don't know stuff, you're gonna answer, cos no one knows everything(except for a select few). And no one's gonna tell you off(again, except for a select few) if you don't know all the steps, as long as you do know the main points. Everyone's more concerned with trying, and learning and being much the wiser for the experience of having ppl laugh at them, or correct them.

Oh well, as alex says; You learn something new everyday!

Went flyering today for the Christian Union's Mission Week. It didn't help that I was doing it with 2 loaves of Hovis bread slung on one arm(side note: I3 ppl have the amazing ability to consume a 800g loaf in A DAY!!)

Felt weird cos it was my first time ever doing something that ,I would hate to have seen done. It kind of helps you develop empathy for these ppl..Those fellows giving out actually takes a lot of courage to keep getting rejected and to still keep promoting whatever it is that they're promoting. When all they're doing is just what BBC and CNN are doing on a much larger scale: Spreading the news of events to ppl who otherwise might not have been able to hear about them.

Resolved to at least take whatever was being offered to me next time around and if I must dispose of it, at least when I'm out of their sight:-)

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aiky said...

hey...guess that's how i feel exactly too...the not wanting to answer part...