Sunday, February 05, 2006

In 5 years time

I just think I don't know enough sometimes. Mostly just to scare myself into actually working and studying.
What kind of doc would I be? How much would I know by then(or how little)? Would I look at an old lady with diabetes with compassion, or as a constellation of problems? Will I know the normal levels of glycosylated Hb by then to tell whether her glycemic control is good? Would I have the courage to tell her firmly that she needs to choose between losing her foot or risk losing her entire leg? Would I know enough to prescribe the right amount and type of insulinfor her? How about other drugs if she has a concurrent urinary tract infection? Would I remember to take her age and body weight into consideration while writing out drug prescriptions?

And after doing all that, would I be able to do the same for the 10 other patients in the ward? And the ward after that?

Need to study more, to practice more, to play less and watch less stuff on my laptop.


Jerome32 said...

You'll be glad to know that ultimately, you're the one who defines the sort of doctor you're going to be! :-)
It is difficult initially when you're at the bottom of the food chain, but rest assured that as you go up the totem pole, you will have increasing control over how you wish to practise.
Do not despair at all the cynism that surrounds you in the modern NHS!
I suggest that you obtain the following journal article, read it and keep it for when you're feeling really down - it certainly helped me on those dark days through med school and early years as a JHO/SHO:
Reflections on the changing times. Rose, G. BMJ. 1990 Oct 3;301(6754):683-7.
Wishing you well!

Jon Jon said...

hey jerome32..just read your post. Thanks for the pullup.. Just had a bad day I think, I'm normally not so pessimistic:-)