Thursday, January 10, 2008

Back In Liverpool

I just had a guy spit faecal vomit over me as I was helping my SHO put in a nasogastric tube. Granted, he had dementia, and therefore he was allowed to act like that. But all over my black animal tie! It's making a stronger case for me not to wear ties to work now.

I came into Acute Medical Unit rotation expecting it to be similar to A&E which I finished before Christmas. I'm now finding it to be very ward-based, at least, my half of the unit seems so anyway. Morning ward rounds for the past week has seen me play the role of a house officer, with a single SHO to boss me around. The learning curve has been steep, and I've made mistakes I've been dreading as a medical student already (identification mistakes, ordering bloods for the wrong patients, communicating things I shouldn't have). I'd be feeling really bad now if not for my SHO, who is really supportive and helpful (not in the least in taking his share of the blame!).

Learned the importance of making lists, and reading up patient notes before rounds and having the results to hand. Basic ward-medicine, not what I expected from this rotation at all! I've not clerked in new patients since the start of the week at all, which I should really get around to doing next week.

A retreat for the students is being planned for the end of January. All the way in West Yorkshire, the theme is on Renewal, with the verse being John 10:10. Great things are going to happen.

In the near future: driving tests, ALS assessments (finally!) and a possible holiday!

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