Tuesday, January 01, 2008

What I've Been up to 4

Christmas time at home, my first in 2 years, was good.

Back in Sitiawan, MYF Musical 2008 was coming around, and to my surprise, involved what seemed like everyone, from the adults to the Sunday School kids.

Met up with some of the IMU bunch at the Curve, not having been there before.

ECF's Christmas outreach was a great idea, and even with all that done, they still had time to pull off 'Conversations With Catherine', a talk show on how God came through for 3 different groups of people.

Met up with more IMU people after that.

Back in Sitiawan, Christmas dinner with family. Some changes this year, but helping out at the Hotel brought back memories of younger and happier days.

Went for a friend's wedding, a rarity for me, being so far away most of the time. Was good catching up with ACS people at supper, after church, and at the dinner.

Back to the grindstone again...still jetlagging. Sigh.

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