Sunday, August 31, 2008

1st question of the study:

Describe your ideal vacation:

Would involve a beach with clear water. Somewhere secluded, with not too many people around. Mountains as a backdrop, and plenty of pools dotted amongst smooth rocks. The sand would be fine, minus all the debris left by other visitors, and would extend a fair way into the sea. Inland, a open area ideal for games, and a hiking trail or two, preferably with a waterfall at the end.

Weather should be mild, not too much sun, but warm enough to be able to lie on the beach comfortably, with the odd trade wind coming up out of the sea. Not too much wind though, otherwise frisbee would be out of the question.

Company would be nice, friends that I can have a laugh with, who are not too bothered about DOING stuff, but rather just sitting back and chatting. And preferably friends who share a love for food, of which there should be plenty, at the right times. Barbecues, buffets and the odd packed picnic or two would be nice.

Sounds a lot like Tioman doesn't it? Anyone still have photos from then?

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