Sunday, March 09, 2008


This week I submitted my choices for programmes that I would like to do during my 1st year as a doctor.

A decision I had to make was whether to choose the more traditional general medical/surgical rotations or whether to plump for the infectious diseases/paeds/upper GI rotation. My big worry was that I wouldn't have enough general medical experience had I gone down that road, however I was curious enough to consider it seriously as I had always had a sneaking interest in ID.

Speaking to various docs, and hearing from different people, I decided against it eventually, and decided on rotations that I hoped would give the widest range of experience. Diabetes, geriatric medicine and haematology were the only ones I ruled out.

Time will tell which rotations I finally end up with.

I also did for the first time, a formal hour's teaching with 2nd year med students.

I really think the guys/girls whom i had knew way more than I knew back then. How many 2nd years would know to test stroke patients for Factor 5 Leiden? It became more of a interactive discussion session on stroke (which was the topic I was given), and I brought them to see a patient so they could practice their exam skills. I hope I didn't go wrong anywhere, but I think it was fair to say they were checking on me all the girl had her text book open most of the time:-)

Easter is fast approaching ....what with the outreach, and NEEC and my theory driving test after, I'll be the busiest I've been for the whole year.

Looking forward to a holiday in Spain for my next reflection week...time to start saving!

We officially graduate on Friday 4th of July!

So I'll be able to make it for grad ball on the 28th of June, then down to London to welcome the Parents!

Things are falling into place...


"Where your treasure is, there your heart is also...not the other way around"

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