Saturday, March 29, 2008


Just had the busiest Easter of my life. Started off with a plan to act out the much-copied skit based on Lifehouse's Everything. This eventually evolved over a month, into a mini-musical with two main characters who sang and mimed rather than acted their way through a storyline that involved the obligatory non-Christian finally realising the meaning of Easter.

We tried our best to stay away from stereotypes; the non-Christian being involved in classic 'bad' behaviour eg drinking, illicit sex, drugs, the lot. The Christian, on the other hand, would typically be a 'good person' and hold a whopping great Bible.

Didn't really work the way we wanted it the end, we settled for a typical picture of a uni student's life (henceforth A)- studying, messing about on his laptop, playing sports, going out pubbing at night, hanging out with a close-knit group of friends, one of whom recently had become a Christian (B).

Songs used were Switchfoot's This Is Your Life (in which A challenges B as to whether she wants to spend the rest of her life trusting blindly in an invisible God) and If Only, written ages ago by Jin for a youth musical back home.

Btw, Jin, everyone who heard the song thought it was very well written.

It was fun, working with a group of 6 to make this work, something which I haven't done in a while.

Easter weekend saw me preparing also to lead on Sunday morning, which was a combined service. A first time for everything, including leading congregations of English and Chinese people into worship, and singing hymns, something I'm very grateful for my Methodist background and all those hours in front of the piano with just Joel on the drums back home!

Easter weekend was completed on Monday, which saw us catching the first day of the North England Easter Conference in Wales, which our church was in charge of organizing. True to form, our preparations for 'teambuilding games' were last minute, but thankfully still worked.

Its hard, I suppose, not to bond, while thinking of integrating movie quotes such as 'You jump, I jump' or 'Luke, I'm your fatherrr' with the Prodigal Son story, or the Jonah story. Considering NEEC this year had people of all ages mixing around in groups, it was great to see them participating equally in everything that went on.

This weekend, just passed my theory driving test, and have taken the rest of the day off. It's like being in the eye of a hurricane, as I'm looking at my list of things to do, and I've crossed off less than half of them.

Btw, my rotations which I've received for my first year as a doctor: Respiratory(most of which I've forgotten), Clinical Pharmacology (sounds scary), Urology and Colorectal Surgery.

*UPDATE: just a bit of fun - Wey Chung uploaded some of the NEEC group parable-cum-movie quotes-sessions up on his blog, if you don't mind a long streaming time:-)

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