Saturday, March 22, 2008


Siew Lee, this was supposed to be a 'revenge tag'?


1) What is your favourite movie?
Lord Of The Rings, definitely.The only movie which I was genuinely eager to seemore than once. Helps that I like the book too.

2) Who is your favourite singer?
Don't know many. It used to be Michael W Smith butI think I don't really have a fav one now. Listen to whoever that sounds vaguely interesting.

3) Which song gets you grooving in the morning?
Cornflakes gets me up, coffee keeps me awake. Anything else makes me grumpy.

4) What is your favourite fruit?
Mandarin oranges. Pears when they're just getting soft and sweet. And this fruit which I always eat when I'm back home. I'm not actually sure what its called; its red-purplish and knobbly on the outside, but inside its small seeds surrounded by sweet white flesh which is great just taken out chilled from the fridge.

5) Who is your best friend (excluding your family)?
I can't think of any at the moment, sadly. Which doesn't mean I'm an antisocial monster, just means I have good friends in a number of places and at different times of my life.

6) Name one activity you would like to indulge in, in your free time.
Sleep sounds really good, especially this past week. only? Right now, it'd be relaxing with a good movie in front of my laptop.

7) When was the last time you laughed so hard till your sides hurt?
Must have been one of the random conversations we had when all of us housemates in Liverpool are together in one room. We tend to have better and more witty conversations then...maybe its because we dont gather together as much as we used to.

8.) Do you recall your last dream?
Not the specifics. It wasn't a pleasant dream I recall, and involved death and dying(not me but someone else) in a weird sort of way. Was quite glad when I woke up.

9) What is your all-time favourite hobby?
Reading. Though I haven't done much of it recently.

10) When was your last holiday without the children?
When I get children I'll tell you. My last holiday was probably Christmas back home in Malaysia. Next one: Madrid!

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