Sunday, August 31, 2008

What's Up?

Surfing through news sites, I'm amazed at how much is going on around the world. Whether its the oncoming Hurricane Gustav, Anwar's election and his plans to take over the world..starting with Malaysia, Zimbabwe, giant clams (the next horror movie tie-in?), I feel like I'm missing out on the big picture sometimes.

I was particularly caught up reading the story of the hurricane about to hit New Orleans, and how a general evacuation order had been issued, yet not everyone decided to go. Apart from it being like a scene from a movie, I wonder how those deciding to stay are feeling right now. Desperate for different reasons, to stay behind is not an easy choice to make when roads are filled with people going in the opposite direction.

Could draw an obvious parallel between them and life in general, but don't particularly feel like it just now.

Was encouraged hearing stories from the youth in church about their love for one another and how easy it is for them to serve one another - something we can learn from, especially in the workplace!

Listening to testimonies over the weekend from the youth retreat, it occurred to me:

I've met lots of people who've said they'd believe in God if He would just show some proof of Himself,

'if He's so great why doesn't He (insert miracle/sign) or why does He allow (insert disaster/tragedy) to happen?'

Everyone seems to expect God to prove Himself, leaves the onus on Him, that way, if we do end up going to hell, its all going to be His fault.

From what I've heard over the weekend, God DOES reveal Himself, to those who are REALLY SEARCHING for Him.

Whether its wondering 'where is God in my life', or determining in his heart to go to church 'to find out if God is really who people say He is', or 'because I study sociology, asking questions about the Bible and making myself doubt'.

In some ways, its like looking at 2 pictures:

a kid who says 'can i have ice-cream' and then goes off and plays with his toy train set.

a kid who's looking for his chocolate/ice-cream fix, who goes around and begs,cries,pleads,cajoles 'why can't I have ice-cream?' 'when can i eat?'

I'd definitely find the 2nd kid more irritating, but there's no doubting the desire he's showing.

All roads lead to God.

Listening to the testimonies, I wouldn't say that statement is wrong, its more of our attitude, our desire, our sincerity as we walk our respective roads.

Just thinking..


leebern said...

ey jon
did you just say "all roads lead to God"??? O_O
sounds like Baha'i: 7 million believers worldwide 2005. i don't agree that all roads lead to God.

siehjin said...

i think he means that if everyone sincerely seeks God, they'll eventually find Him even though they may presently appear to be on the wrong road.

am i right jon?

as for evidence for the existence of God, it all depends on the heart.

there is that unverified anecdote of the american astronaut who went into space, looked at the earth and the wonders of the galaxies, and said "wow, this is so beautiful, there must be a God!" And the russian astronaut who went into space, looked around and says "i don't see any God around up here... guess He doesn't exist!"

i take my own existence, the air i breathe, the sunshine on my face, the beauty of creation, all as proofs of God's existence. but of course,if someone refuses to believe, no proof will ever be good enough.