Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A Day Out

Today was great. Met up with friends from SPM 2000 and went to Ipoh to watch..shudder...Fantastic Four! Kharti, May Yoke Cheryl and Vasuhi, four friends I haven't seen in ages. We made it there safely despite my driving. Things I liked:

- Kharti's beard(there's one guy who shaves less than me!)
- Vasuhi's tendency to laugh over anything we say
- The fact that if you take digital photos of the food court waitresses, you'll get cheaper food
- Celebrating Vasuhi's bday impromptu after finding out none of us will be around to do it later
- Having friends to comment on my choice of long-sleeved shirts without criticising my fashion sense(if I have any that is..)

Also found out a lot bout what others in my ex-batch were doing.. A very big SORRY for not keeping in touch as much as I should have.. Sigh... guess it's time to go work on that Friendster account..

Oh, and they enjoyed Fantastic Four..Think my standards are too high?

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