Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Nan Dattebayo

An example of how totally pointlessly I try to spend my time here b4 I go overseas..

Today I had the bright idea of going to the public library. And about the only reason I'd choose the public library as a more happening place to be besides my house would be becos it had one thing my house didn't. Broadband. So rather ambitiously, I lugged in my laptop thru the doors, knowing very well what I was about to hear. And sure enough, not two seconds later, I heard it. "Beg tak boleh bawa masuk." from a little Malay lady at one of the computers. Anticipating this, I'd already formulated a reply. "Kalau saya bawa laptop, boleh guna ke?" "Boleh, tapi tak boleh guna letrik sini." Ok, slightly unexpected, their tight holding of electricity rights, nevertheless I immediately switched to plan B. Returning my laptop bag to the car, I extracted my other peice of hardward, the external hard drive I recently got from Joy. Clutching this black peice of metal, I proceeded inside and signed up for an hour of usage. Sitting down, I plugged it into the USB port and smiled as it was detected almost effortlessly. I'm in, I thought. Feeling like a hacker from a movie, I proceeded to access my hard drive, and began doing what I came here for; 26 episodes of anime called Naruto!(ok David you can stop smiling now..) I'd barely gotten started when I noticed a snag. I'd downloaded using a client called BitTorrent, but the computer hadn't got BitTorent installed. No problem, I thought, navigating to the download page. Minutes later the download was started. I suppose I should've suspected something when I couldn't save it to my own hard drive though. Sure enough, when I downloaded it, I found I couldn't run the installer without admin rights. Looking at the Malay lady surreptitiously, I decided against asking her and considered my options. Finally making up my mind, I asked the lady if I could bring my laptop in and go online with it. Receiving a blank look, I realised I was about five seconds away from confusing her. Actually, after 3 seconds of explaining about networking and connecting two cables, she gave the no-no. So back into the sunshine I went, defeated at my attempts to take advantage of the public library. Life, I thought while trying to console myself, is more than Naruto.

Which was true.

But later, while I wrote this, I wondered, would I have thought so if I'd actually succeeded?

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tenos said...

lol, that was a good article, it even gave me a little something to think about while i'm struggeling to get the dattebayo site to open.... there's something wrong with it... i'm in a very similar situation if you really think about it...