Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The most interesting I learned today, 6 days before I set off to a new country, is how to brush my teeth the right way. It's amazing really. It all started when I went to the dentist this morning, in prep for my leaving. And let me say that once upon a time, you wouldn't have gotten me near a dentist without less than a good half an hour of kicking and screaming, plus a lot of shouting and running around tables and dodging attempts to be caught...Anyway, I went and was ushered in.
First thing I got was a lecture on how to brush my teeth. The doctor, a really nice guy btw, gave me the impression that he'd been studying my brushing technique for quite some time. It was as if he'd cameras installed in vista and at home..quite scary really. Anyway, he mentioned, and I guess I'd better put them down here for my own reference, that Brushing Your Teeth is a MYTH. We Clean Our Teeth is more accurate. And with me lying down holding a mirror, he proceeded to demonstrate. Apparently it was to be done right at the gums and not in a left to right motion, but rather up and down or circular motions a small section at a time. I was quite impressed by this, especially when he compared my upper gums which were nice and sharp and healthy to my lower gums.
Another day, another thing learned.

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