Monday, August 29, 2005

From Merseyside

Things I like:
- MY ROOM!! besides having broadband which i never had b4 it's nice to just curl up with a good book and lose track of time...

- the weather..nice and cool after getting used to it

- the large helpings whenever we eat out..

- the cheap books(if you dun spend too much time converting! 3 new books for 5 pounds..thats better than msian!)
- finding a church the very first week and feeling at home...
- finally, staying in a house with ppl i know and am getting to know better...alex and hsu pheen are the shopaholics so far.. jack is the MASTER organiser and head of household...edward and i are the odd job ppl; edward esp is good at being the fuss pot and making sure everything gets done just so...tricia is the Head Cook together with alex..she's also quite high ranking in the shopping department...
and thats the first week...lots and lots of shopping..inevitably ending with lots and lots of walking. classes start tues..hope we've learnt enough scouser accent to start us off..
And some photos..

Music Festival at Liverpool's Albert Dock area...featuring McFly! You know...that McFly..

Our kitchen...overstocked on some items, lacking in others...

Bold St. - where we walk up everyday.. and where the shoppers have a job trying to keep thier eyes on the road.

Agnes Jones House proper...

And lastly, my room...yup I didn bother tidying up b4 the shot..

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