Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Snapshots of CF Committee Retreat:

The crazy bunch of people God decided to somehow move through

Sarah exercising her right to rule...

Food we had on the first nite...note the creaminess of the omelette..

"Are we hired hands, or are we servants?" - Sarah, on the topic of servanthood
"Just notice me, that's all I ask." - Eu Pui during random sharing
"I should be embarassed, but I'm not" - Andrew, when questioned about his embarassing moment
"50% of my batch for God...whoa, what did I just say?" - Christine, realising her vision
"Make Jesus count in IMU and make IMU count for Jesus." - Sarah's vision statement
"Different, but in a good way." - Thomas, comparing retreats
"CF is student initiated; that's why we have a Sem 7 student sitting amongst us!" - Sarah on CF heritage
"Because she said, 'Be bowl!' " - Andrew after a bowl mysteriously fell when Sarah was talking
"I wouldn't go to a CF that is not relevant; I'd rather sleep loh." - Sarah on the 3 R's
"If the only time everyone can meet in lunch, we....should pray for more LTs in IMU la!" - Anna during discussion to change CF time
"It tastes a bit like no taste!" - Andrew being deep about food
"The birthday girl" - Daniel after Sarah asked what might blow out our candles
"Ok...I'll speak" - Jas Min after a long silence where everyone was waiting for her to say something
"Can stretch one la!" - Grace on theme application
"You all very scared to tread on each others toes one.." - Eu Pui during closing
"You asked me to say one word about the retreat..I'd say indescribable." - Joanne during closing
"Wei Ming...Wilfred." - Siew Lian on what's missing from the retreat
"Now this is where the real work begins..." - Eu Pui's closing statement

Hope when I read this this time next year, CF will have evolved spiritually as well as in size.
And I'm happy David, Siew Lian and I didn't kill anyone with our cooking during the weekend.

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