Thursday, January 12, 2006

From my email Inbox

Dear Friends, Michael continues to improve and if he continues improving any more the doctors will probably remove the breathing tube tomorrow. The infection seems to be abating, which we believe is another miracle in answer to prayer, but he still needs a lot more prayer. At this rate of improvement it is still very likely that he will need to have an operation to stop a repeat infection. The operation is dangerous and especially so for someone who has had a cardiac arrest. The pus cell count has come down from 33 on Monday to 17 today. Michael has even started to pass urine again, so our prayers on Sunday that even his kidneys would still be able to function has been answered. Before he was taken sick, Michael was having trouble with high blood pressure, now that he has improved to some extent, his blood pressure has risen above normal again, which is something else the doctors need to take into consideration now. Yours prayerfully, Pastor David.

If any of you have been praying, thought you might like to know this. Thanks for praying guys. There's actuall a website by pastor where you can check on updates on Elder Michael's condition if you are interested.

On other fronts, I have been:
- slightly discouraged after exams but knowing where I stand.
- encouraged that I managed to fluff something out of the miserable mess that was my CTM.
- encouraged that people have started responding to my elective pleas, even if it is to redirect me to other places.
- encouraged by getting to interact A BIT more with my rotation mates(besides the malaysians I mean).
- discouraged after I realise I seem to be drifting away from God since I came here.
- encouraged that I'm able to be honest with myself and God and willing to find my way back to Him.
- encouraged by the changes I hear about back home, about the changes in friends who are facing problems far greater than mine, more humbled actually.(To you guys, it really means a lot to see you fighting the good fight the right way!)

So in total, I guess I'm slightly more encouraged than discouraged. Which, I think, is a good thing. Cos I plan, expect and dream about this year in more than a few aspects. There are things I want to accomplish, stuff I want to see happen in my life, and in the lives of others. Mainly about 3/4 things, which occupy some slight amount of my time, and which I'm going to bring before God this weekend.

Well, lest I end up all mouth and no action, I guess I'd better get started on getting to grips with the sample size calculation for my CTM. Can't wait for the minute I finally ask Jack to print out the finished paper!

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