Saturday, January 07, 2006

Harold Cohen Library

Thats where I spent the greater part of Friday. In a large computer lab. 12 HOURS. Well, if you want to be technical, it'd be around 11 hours plus. But it's pretty close. And I would like to be pleased with myself for sticking to it in order to finish the ridiculous CTM, if not for the fact that I'm pretty sure my eyes have degenerated to red and puffy and my sight has probably gone down a few notches too. The last time this happened, way back in Form 6: 12 hours of Fallout 2, I actually enjoyed it.

When I crash into someone on the road, or poke into a wrong vein ten years from now, I'm gonna blame Liverpool Uni for giving me such a project to do, and myself for being so serious about doing it well.

Now a cold walk home in the dark. If I don't get mugged like in Paris, I'll write again tmrw(today).

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