Monday, January 02, 2006

Surprise, surprise..

Discovery of the day: my sis has a blog!

And while reading it, I realised how much I have yet to learn about her. And the distance is not helping any, too. Am going to ask her permission to link my blog to hers. I think she writes very honestly, about stuff which I never thought she'd ever open up with. This is going to be an interesting journey..

And exams in a week! Have jsut found out belatedly how behind I am; need to review the basics of CVS, RS, GI, CNS and Endo in a week's time, plus reading up on ethics, comm skills, practicing OSCEs and on top of that, writing up my full proposal for my research topic(which btw, seems to be getting more and more complicated). Skipping grocery shopping today may help, and it may not.

Will post some interesting facts on hypnosis later...when I get organized.

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