Thursday, January 05, 2006

O ye of little faith

WELL! The email came with a heading that I'm ashamed to say, was most unexpected.

"Elder Michael is showing some improvement"

And this after being told that scans showed massive gangrene in his abdomen, with organs shutting down all over. And now doctors are getting reluctant to take him off life support, along with a recount of the previous 2% chance given of his survival. They met to pray for him yesterday evening, and I didn't go. Possibly because I was tired out from a whole day out in hospital, but also probably because I'd sort of given up hope. Felt out of sorts last night, but with mind on other matters. This morning was good though. Encouraged by God's word reminding me why He came: to set me free.

And so, the burden is lifted, though exams are still on monday, and CTM needs to be done, and elder michael is still in hospital. No matter what happens, no matter what anyone says, we are not bound by circumstances, nor words, nor fears, nor insecurities.

Not because we are in denial, or because we are not being realistic, but because we accept the fact that WE ARE FREE! Free to trust in a unchanging King, free to show others the way without feeling guilty, free to live a victorious life that He bought for us.

To the pessimists and the realists: there is always hope. Especially when the source of hope is Someone who's walked down the dreaded path of your fears, and lived to tell the tale.

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