Sunday, January 01, 2006

Thanks Richard and Ai Wei

For letting us crash in his apartment. With his wife, Ai Wei, and the rest of the gang from student fellowship to welcome in the new year. Everybody bring a dish, lots of good food, playstation, big tv and cards...a great way to spend the last evening of 2005 - with friends around instead of burning in front of the computer screen.

Chew's KimGary french toast, with Marks and Spencer cake, lots of curry chicken, lasagne and even a crepe wannabe, with a bottle of white. I found out I'm rubbish at PS2...being beaten by Nu Wee(is that how you spell it?) in Burnout, and by Jack in footie...

Waiting for the countdown..

And the countdown from London on tv, with the fireworks right after. Chew nearly spending the first minute of 2006 in the loo, but joining in the raccuous shouts greeting 2006 after we got confused by the countdown from the tv, which didn't match the clock in the background.

2005 was great in retrospect. Quite a year of changes for me, from the last semester in IMU, to the first 4 months in Liverpool. I've learnt some lessons, seen how small my existing worldview is, and had a glimpse of what I need to be doing to grow. The fun moments were numerous, and the 'blocked out' ones were none too few either. Different people have made an impact in my life, and I have been continually humbled. Yet it has also been the year in which I've travelled the most, the year I've been away from home the longest, the year I've seen previously unshakeable things in a totally different light....Can't wait to see what God's gonna do this year.

Wonder, as always, how I'm gonna feel at the end of this year.

Welcome in, 2006.

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