Sunday, January 22, 2006

Standing in God's way.

Lord I want to serve You,
Lord I want to know You more,
Lord I want to see You,
To hear You say well done,
Lord I want to meet You,
Lord I want to let You lead,
Lord I say all this,
But what do I mean?
Cos it's hard to do the things I say,
How can You lead when I'm standing in the way?

Lord I need You to intervene,
To break me down, to wash me clean,
Lord I need You to change my heart,
To give new life, a brand new start,
I know You can do all of this today,
Why am I standing in Your way?

Lord come in and intervene,
Come break me down, come wash me clean,
Lord take and change my heart,
I claim new life, a brand new start,
Lord You can do all this today,
Cos I'm getting out of Your way.

Just another nudge from God today. Its about action. I say that I trust Him, yet I am betrayed by my actions. So it's a challenge then. To live NOT necessarily the life that I, ME, MYSELF would enjoy living, but knowing that God will take care of the 'enjoying' part(Matt6:33). To be pushed out of where I'm comfortable and know God is with me 'to the very end of the age'. So in essence, it's all lip service until I allow God that amount of trust which says He DOES know best. And that I don't have to take matters into my own hands, because His are much bigger.

While I enjoy hearing from God(it bolsters my confidence that there IS indeed a God), I am looking forward to the day when God speaks more than just having to rebuke me. And yes, Jack and Alex, I somehow know its God speaking. Sort of like when I know someone, when I hear his/her voice, I know who it is.

Elder Michael passed away today, one of the reasons which led to this post. Do keep his family in prayer. He'll be alright.

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